December 30, 2010

A Week In Our Life December 19- December 25

Sunday night (December 19th), we went Christmas caroling with some friends from church.  It was so fun, albeit super super cold.  It was nice to be able to spread some Christmasy cheer, and spirit, with our neighbors and ward members.  I haven't gone caroling in ages, since I was a teenager, and I quite enjoyed it.  Clark and Jason wore their Santa hats, and Clark was really well behaved, he even tried to sing along to a few of the songs.   Can't wait to go again next year.
Jason and the boys, waiting to see Santa.
(Thank goodness for camera phones.)
For Family Home Evening Monday night (December 20th), we decided to finally take the boys to the mall to see Santa.  Clark was such a good boy, and so excited to see the big man.  He waited in line with me for an hour!  Jason tried to ask him if he wanted to go and play, but Clark was very insistent on waiting to see SANTA.  The mall we went to had a little area the kids could play in before they saw Santa, where it fake snowed.  Harry loved it, he rolled in it, tried to catch it in his hands, and just and watched it fall (it was a long long Santa line).  Clark, per his usual, was bashful and quiet when it was his turn to meet Santa, and Harry, again-like always, was screamy and mad.  We didn't get a cd this year to post our pictures online, but maybe if I remember, I will scan off the picture to share before it 2011. 
Harry loving the fake snow!!!  

For play group on Wednesday (December 22nd) we decorated Christmas cookies.  Or at least tried too.  Harry and the kids were much more interested in eating the sprinkles and icing, than decorating the cookies.  It was so fun, albeit a little messy :)Decorating Cookies
Porter helping Clark with the sprinkles.
Harry contemplating the green icing, and whether or not he wants to lick it off his fingers.
Clark needed a bigger spoon, and a cookie to go along with all the icing he ate.
Clark and Porter
BFFs wearing their Santa hats.

The rest of the week was a blur of Christmasy fun.  Late night shopping trips for me and Jason, without the boys (so thankful that we have a couple babysitters here!!!).  And an even later night shopping trip for Mom,  remind me never to go to Walmart the day before Christmas Eve again, I waited in line for 75 minutes, not fun.  
This is my favorite time of year, with my family.  We have so many little traditions, and new ones we start every year.  Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Elf at least a million times.  Baking Jason's favorite candied ham on Christmas Eve, and our big (read, lots of bacon) Christmas breakfast the next morning.  Wrapping all the kids presents (from Santa) late into the night on Christmas Eve.  Driving around looking at Christmas lights, making cookies, and eating copious amounts of Christmas candy (I think Clark enjoyed this part the best).  It really is so much fun.  This year we even had the pleasant surprise of some Christmas snow!!!  I love how happy Jason is around Christmas, he tires so hard to make everything so special for me and the boys.  He is such a good Dad.  We were definitely blessed this year, in the present department, and we surprised Clark with a Wii (even though it is more for the whole family).   We did a lot of talking with the boys this year, about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our brother Jesus Christ.  We talked about the baby Jesus being born in a manger, and the shepherds following the Christmas star to welcome him.  Clark was very interested in it, and spent a whole day asking me when baby Jesus was going to come.  I love that he is becoming more teachable.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I have, temporally and spiritually, my family, my children, my home, my friends.  I am so blessed.  I am so thankful for this Christmas season, when we can gather together as a family and celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas!

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amber said...

A wonderful looking week! I know ours was so hectic I did not take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked.