December 04, 2010

Our Back Bay Adventure

On one of the days Carol and Eddie were here, we set out to do some sight seeing.
I don't think we ever really found the place we were trying to find, 
but we sure did have fun playing in the woods.  Virginia is so pretty, especially in the fall.
Harry and Jason
Jason and Harry walking.
Neither of my boys have ever been in the woods before, it was so different for them.
Harry loved all the crunchy leaves.  
Clark was a little confused at first, but he warmed up to his surroundings,
 and had fun running in the trees and leaves.
Daddy and the boys.
I love how well the boys pay attention.... NOT!
A walk in the woods.
I think this little inlet is part of the Chesapeake Bay, much like all the inlets in our area.
Carol and Clark
Auntie Carol and Clark
Why didn't Uncle Eddie jump in the picture???
Clark, Eddie and Clark
Auntie Carol and the boys.
(Such a pretty spot, I wish we would've taken our family pictures here... c'est la vie.)
A walk in the woods.
On a walk.... I am always the one lagging behind.
A walk in the woods.
I love the reflection in the water.
Tossing the leaves, Clark thought it was so funny.
Weeee! Clark tossing the leaves.  Pure delight!
(Picture from Carol and Eddie.)
My very handsome boys!!!


Granny said...

I am glad you have some fun memories walking in the woods. I like to do that but haven't for years and years.

Becca said...

I'm always lagging behind on walks too - taking pictures :P

Very lovely little woods.

Have you tried having someone make faces behind the camera to get the boys to look that way? Or tell them jokes?