December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday- Jason and Clark

June 24, 2010
(More pictures from Jason's camera.)
Jason and Clark
Jason and Clark at the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi, Utah.
I couldn't go on the trip, because I was stuck at home with Harry, who had the barfs.
 Clark had a wonderful time playing with his cousins, and having a special outing with his Dad.
Clark, Maddie, and Joci
Clark, Joci, and Maddie.
Clark loved hanging out with his cousins so much.  
When ever he sees a girl with blond hair, he will ask for Maddie.
(I am not sure why he always wants to bite his nails, nervous habit he inherited for me.)
Clark and John
Jason and John
Showing off their mad acting skills,
they totally deserved a part in Jurassic Park.
Jason and Clark
Fun memories, for Daddy and Clark.
Two of my best boys.

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Robyn said...

YAY!! I love the dinosaur museum. Just so you know I painted the inside of that sharks mouth. I even have a little scar on my shoulder from the teeth scraping it as I was climbing out! I also drilled all the holes for the seaweed...picture me, with giant cement drill trying to do that and then have a good laugh :)