December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

December 24, 2010
Our annual Christmas Eve picture in our pjs.
(I am so glad I figured out how to set the timer on my camera.)
Annual Christmas Eve in our pj's picture.
Harry was so confused over the beeping noise, but at least it helped him look in the right direction.
I love my cute little family, and our pj tradition.
Annual Christmas Eve in our pj's picture.
Happy Christmas!
Harry checking out the stockings.
Harry checking out his stocking. 
I love our Granny stockings, they are one of my favorite things I put out every year.
Granny is so sweet, and nice to make one for everyone in our whole Deimler family.
(She really is the best!)
Clark and Harry
The boys, not cooperating for picture time.
Clark and Harry
Clark and Harry
Clark loves putting his arm around Harry, poor Harry really hates it.
Clark and Harry
Aren't their Christmas pjs so cute?? I got them at Carters, both for $15.  
And to think I was going to make our pjs this year, Christmas fabric is way expensive, 
and they would've never turned out as cute.  
Maybe next year I will try and make them... although I do say that every year.
Clark and Harry
Harry giving Clark a little Christmas nibble,
he got tired of Clark trying to hug and kiss him... poor Clark.
This year we decided to leave out a treat for the Santa's Reindeer, to help them find our house.
We got a little gift from a friend, with the "reindeer treats", and cute little poem about the treats helping the reindeer find our house (the bag had oatmeal, and candy sugar).
Such a fun idea, and Clark was really into it.
I tried to tell him to just throw the "treats" on the lawn, but he somehow got the idea into his head that we were supposed to be feeding our reindeer lights.
Clark feeding the reindeer.
So he made sure all the lighted reindeer got a handful of "rist-mist treats" as he called it (translation=Christmas treats).
Daddy and Harry, setting out treats for the reindeer.
Daddy and Harry putting some treats up on the roof for the reindeer.
Our Tree
Our little Christmas tree, after Santa's visit.

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