April 05, 2010

Harry and his shows.

Harry entranced, watching his shows.
It is hard to find things Harry likes to do, really hard.
But one thing I can always count on, 
one thing I know will ALWAYS makes him happy,
(besides playing outside, which can be hard during the rainy season)
is watching his favorite movies.
Right now he LOVES Wall-E and Monsters vs. Aliens.
He will grab the dvd case, find his favorite spot on the couch, and sit back and enjoy.
He bounces and giggles during his favorite parts,
and paces back and forth across the living room when things start to get too exciting.
He also loves to watch Backyardigans and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 
and sometimes Thomas the Train.
I love this picture of him,
concentrating so hard on the movie, holding onto the dvd case so tight, 
and don't forget his straw...he loves his straw :-)
He is the best, and cutest little Chunky Nugget.

1 comment:

Emma and Cody said...

That is so cute! I wish Reese loved movies that much! I want her to pick out movies to watch. She pretty much doesn't care. Which is nice for me, but still would be so cute!