April 13, 2010

And Only To Deceive

And Only To Deceive  by Tasha Alexandra


Lovely reading, and a great story.
Lady Ashton, Emily, has just lost her husband after only being married for six months.  Deciding only to get married to escape her controlling mother, she fights mixed emotions of her husbands shocking death.  During her strict required time of mourning, she comes to realize how much she didn't know about him and that she just might even love him.  Romantic and funny at times, I found the characters delightful to read.  There is also a mystery here, who can Emily trust with a secret that could sully her late husbands memory and honor.  Part suspense, part history, I loved that you couldn't pin the book down to a particular theme.
I was happy to find out that there are several sequels to this books. I liked Emily's character so much, and that of her friends, that I can't wait to read them.

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