April 16, 2010

School School School!

My happy little Clark.  He is so full of JOY!
Clark has been in school for about three weeks now.  And WE all have adjusted quiet nicely, if I must say so myself, amazingly.  He gets up every morning so happy to go to school, and get on the BUS. 
He LOVES the bus, loves it.  His teacher says that every time they leave the classroom, to go to recess or lunch, he tries to go to the bus stop.  He has so much enthusiasm.  I have already noticed a lot of improvement in his talking, and communication!!  
It is weird to think that just three weeks ago I was panicking, thinking that I had to send him to school all day.  Now, I find myself panicking when he has an unexpected day off...or the dreaded early out day.
My very favorite thing is waiting for the bus with him every morning.  We always go down about ten minutes early, because Clark is SO excited to get on the bus, and we sit together on the curb together.  It is still a little cool in the morning so he sits on my lap, cuddled under the blanket.  We "talk" about the cars going by, and the chickens and birds we see, sometimes he even sings a song with me.  It is such a nice peaceful time for us to spend together, a great way to start the day before Clark has to go off to school and I have to go off and be the Mom.  I love it.
Clark has been dancing around the living room for the last 45 minutes singing 'skool skool skool', he has a day off tomorrow, and he is going to be so sad.  I hope he always has this much enthusiasm for school and learning.

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Granny said...

Yeh Clark. Isn't it fun to go to school and learn new things? Gramps and Granny are so proud of you. Love to all!