April 18, 2010

Clark's First Trip to the Dentist

Clark had his first trip to the dentist!
He wasn't very nervous, but he also wasn't very cooperative.
I can't say it was thorough exam, if I can call it one at all, 
because Clark wouldn't even OPEN his mouth!
He kinda just smiled and showed the dentist is top teeth, hahaha.
It's a start, I guess.  A milestone none of the less.
He was very very excited about getting a new toothbrush.
In a year or so we will take him back to get him a real check up.

ps. Mommy went to the dentist too, for the first time in 4 years (I know, I know I need to go more often).  I got a very nice teeth cleaning, and GOOD NEWS only one cavity.  Woo-hoo!  There is nothing I hate more than going to the dentist.  In fact, I think I would rather have a pap smear than go.  But I figure if I have to tell Clark that he needs to be brave and go, then I should as well.

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