April 02, 2010

Flashback Friday

Today is going to be a long Flashback Friday, with LOTS of pictures.  We have been spending a lot of time planning our family vacation, and what we want to do this summer before we move.  It has been such long since we were on the mainland for anything other than a wedding or big family event, we can go and do whatever we want this time.  
I have been remembering my last trip to New Mexico to see my grandparents... 
I went with my brother BJ, and Sabrina, Laura, and her friend Megan and my parents.  Clark had just barely turned 1 year old, and I was newly (and sickly) pregnant with Harry.  It was so fun!  
I am hoping and hoping that we can manage to go this summer, it will be Harry's first time, and Jason's first time in almost 5 years.
Here are a few highlights from our trip, March 2008.
Clark playing outside.
He loved all the extra space.  My grandparents live out in the country, Clark could run and play where ever he wanted, there was so much dirt to play in :)
Sitting in Gramps' tractor.
Gramps and Clark enjoying the morning sun.
Uncle BJ teaching Clark all about the gun, Clark was a little too interested.
Up a tree with Auntie Laura.  
We always used to climb this tree as kids.  We have so many pictures in it.  It was special for me to have Clark climb up in it.
Clark and Granny.  I miss this squishy face Clark used to make.  
He reminds me so much of Harry in this picture.
One morning we all took turns shooting off Gramps' old gun. 
Even Clark got a turn, although not really... it was just for show.  
I promised Jason he can take Clark shooting for his first time, when he is 21 :)

Clark in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, all at the same time!
I LOVE this little picture of him!  
On the way home we took a little detour to Four Corners.  I had only been there once, when I was really young, it was so fun to go again.
Clark looks so big, standing there unbelievably still, and sort-of proud.  It was a fun moment to share together, and a great family vacation (even if Daddy couldn't come with us).


Becca said...


I wanna go too :(

You know, if you guys make one big circle you could go through Oregon on your way back to Cali.

Hope you have a great vacation!! No stress, lots of fun and plenty of relaxation!

Laura said...

I loved that vacation!! I want to go again so so bad I miss granny so so much and gramps haha! I will just quit my job so we can play this summer!