April 27, 2010

Please, and Little Prayers.

For the past two nights Clark has been saying his OWN bedtime prayers.  
It is so sweet to hear him mumbling along, praying for his family and safety.  My heart just swells with pride and joy thinking of it.  
Of-corse, it is the typical little kid prayer, repeating everything I say (mostly just the last couple words).  BUT he is doing it, all without prompting, and he wants to, he LOVES to. 
As most of you know, I have struggled with Clark's talking, or lack thereof.  To have him try and say words he is not familiar with and mimic me, well that is huge in the Clark world, HUGE.  Point in case, I FINALLY got him to say please for the first time ever.  Since he was a baby whenever he asked for something I would try and make him say please before I gave it to him.  That is about 2 1/2 years of me saying "say please" over and over and over again.  Even when he finally did start talking, please would never come, he didn't care to be told what to say, or didn't get it (who knows?).  
I don't know if it is school, or nursery, or him just finally getting it...BUT he is doing it.  He is saying please (when I ask him to) and saying his own little prayers.  
Sweet little prayers.
And right now, nothing makes me happier.  
I feel like it has taken forever, but we are finally making progress in the Clark talking area.  Everyday he says something new, I still have a hard time understanding him (sometimes), but he is at least trying now.
I am so proud of him!


Granny said...

Gramps and GG are so proud of you Clark. Soon we will be able to hug and kiss you. Love you

michaela said...

Drew only improved after he started school. I was still his "translater" for the longest time,but it goes to show that teachers really know what they are doing! I love little prayers too!