April 23, 2010

Oh the shenanigans...

Just another week in the life of my two crazy boys,
always making messes, 
always getting into things.
Here, I guess they just wanted some pretzels.
Harry is normally very good about asking for what he wants,
so I am convinced this mess was all Clark's idea.
Harry looked so darn cute I couldn't even stay mad.
Harry makes the funniest and cutest faces, I love it.
Clark, why couldn't you just ask me for a piece of cheese?!?!
I know you know how to say cheese, you have asked me a hundred times.
I guess Clark now has his very own 2 pounds of cheese.

Why, oh why, are they so messy???


Dan and Sharon said...

You need to get some locks on your cupboards and refrigerator. For the cheese. Cut up your cheese. So when does get it he will only take a bit of it.

You have your hands full. Enjoy Hawaii for me.

Emma and Cody said...

I LOVE that Clark had that cheese! I have never laughed so hard. Such a little boy with a gigantic block of cheese! LOVE IT! And I love Harry's faces! I love his little scrunched nose! And I love the shared pretzels all over the floor. It almost makes me want to have another so Reese can have someone to get into trouble with. But at the same time makes me so happy that I only have one to clean up after. Not counting Cody.

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