April 21, 2010

Zoo Day

In an attempt to shirk all the million of things we had to do this past weekend, 
we decided to go to the zoo. 
Typical Clark and Harry.
Clark's oh-so cute, slightly mischievous smile.
And Harry pretending like we don't exsit.
Also, Harry wearing SHOES!
We can never get shoes on his chubby square feet.  We decided to try Clark's on and they fit him perfectly.
Now, we just have to convince him to leave them on.
They were beyond excited to go to the zoo.
Clark was all a twitter, talking a mile a minute.
I would've given anything to understand what he was saying.
Clark thought these little guys were dragons, and nothing I said could convince him otherwise.
Jason pretending to be Tarzan, succeeding in being a dork.  
He is one funny Daddy!
Aren't the trees here in Hawaii amazingly unbelievable!
(I am gonna miss them.)
Clark's favorite part of the day, the Martys and Melmans!
He was looking for them the entire time we were at the zoo.
Yes, sad I know, Clark only knows the names of amimals from movies (Madagascar),
what would the boys do with out our tv.
(I guess we will find out in a couple months when the movers pack up all our things.)
I am sure Clark was wondering what was wrong with the zoo animals that don't talk or dance,
like then do in his favorite movies.
I just KNOW he was waiting for Marty the zebra to trot up to him and say
'what's crack-a-lackin'?!
Clark LOVED seeing the chimps up close, they were eating sun flower seeds which he thought was hilarious.
We had to drag him away from the window.
He kept jumping up and down and saying "excited".
Another kids movie reference from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.
I am starting to think he watches too much tv.
Finally! A smile!
The Honolulu Zoo has a great little childrens park, that the boys force us to spend hours at.
Harry was so happy to get out of the stroller, and excersise those chubby little legs.

Six hours and $40 dollars latter, we decided to head home.
Nothing like putting off your chores to have a little family fun time!

ps. A bird pooped on my head.  Not awesome.

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Miken Harding said...

Yuck for bird poop!:) Love how grown up they are getting. Still can't believe we are moms-I remember pulling weeds in our backyard! Good luck with the move, we leave in the morning! Mom and dad are right new to Fort Lewis, is that anywhere near you?