April 23, 2010

At the park, again.

I hate that the kids can never play in our back/front yard (too much dog and pig poop, oh and also a mean rooster has up taken up residence), it is one thing I hope we can change when we move to California. 
 Until then we just go to the park, as often as we can.
Even though it was raining off and on we stayed as long as we could.
Clark ran and ran and ran.
Isn't he getting so tall!
He also did a lot of climbing, he is such a little monkey.
Harry was content to stake out his spot on the jungle gym, and make funny places at me.
He likes to climb up the jungle gyms, but he will never climb down
(I think he is afraid of heights) 
most times we have to force him down the slide.

He is such a cute little nugget.
It has been very rainy, so the park was WET and MUDDY.
Which of corse means the boys were as messy as ever.
I am still cleaning the mud and grass out of the bathtub :)


Emma and Cody said...

Reese hates the slide too. She is ok if someone goes down with her, but not by herself.

Granny said...

I love this picture of Harry. Look at those beautiful eyes.