October 16, 2010

Sneaky Little Baby

I guess Harry wasn't done with bath time yet.
He used to HATE bath time, hate it, with a capitol H!
He would scream, tantrum, and beg to get out.  I could barely wash him most of them time, or even get him to sit down, he would just stand there and cry. 
 And you could forget about washing his hair, just forget about it!
Then all of the sudden, these past couple weeks, without any reason or warning, 
he started loving the bath.  He plays with his brother, splashes, even lays on his tummy.
He is enjoying bath time, and it makes me so happy.
In fact, today I was cleaning the bathroom, and he had a fit because I wouldn't let him take a bath!
What a total change, and a good change.
I still can't figure out how to wash his hair without him freaking out,
but no matter, he is in the bath and happy for now.

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