October 05, 2010

Palmyra, New York

The next stop on our New York adventure was Palmyra.
Home to the Smith Family Farm, Hill Cumorah, Grandin Print Shop where they first published The Book of Mormon,
 and a few other places (like Mark's Pizzeria, yum-o!).
It was so beautiful, lush and green.  I asked Jason more than once if we could just stay there.
We missed the Hill Cumorah Temple Pageant by just a couple weeks, but it was nice to get the town to ourselves, it was so peaceful.
Hill Cumorah
Monument atop the Hill Cumorah.
It was a surreal moment for me, thinking about the history of the places around me.
I loved that I could share it with my children.
Hill Cumorah
Clark and Harry.  They loved exploring everything, such good boys.
Grandin Print Shop
Outside Grandin Printshop
Grandin Print Shop
It was so interesting to learn about how they printed the Book of Mormon.
I found the print shop to be a fascinating place, I imagine if I were alive during that time I would work in a print shop (or marry a husband who did).  A lot of the places we visited had been fixed up and restored over the years, it was fun to see what was left untouched.  The floor in the print shop (upstairs) was original, real life ink stains, too cool!
Smith Family House
The log home where Joseph Smith grew up.
The house was so quaint inside, part of me always like to imagine that I could live like that.  Back in the 1800's, where life seemed simpler; but then I remember how much I like to shower on a daily basis, and how much I love tv.
Smith Family House
The sweet sister missionary who gave us the tour of the Smith Family Farm, teaching the children about Joseph Smith.
Palmyra Temple
The Palmyra Temple peeking out behind he trees, visible from the Smith Family Farm.
Smith Family House
Inside the Smith Family house.  80% of this room was original, those are the real walls!!
I don't consider myself a history buff at all, but I do love it, and I was totally geeking out. 
Smith Family Farm
I could live here, or someplace exactly like it.  Forever.
The Sacred GroveThe Sacred Grove
Once again, it felt so surreal to be standing in the Sacred Grove, walking hand in hand with my children.
It was so peaceful, and quiet.  As soon as you stepped through the trees the world fell behind, and I instantly felt closer to the Spirit.  I am so thankful for the faith that Joseph Smith had, as such a young boy, to kneel in prayer and ask his Father in Heaven for help; and the sacrifices he made later in life, to restore the gospel to this earth. 
Clark and Harry
Clark and Harry, enjoying the moment.
The Sacred Grove
I am so thankful that Jason and I were able to come, and share this experience with our boys.
I will cherish it forever.

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