October 16, 2010

Raining Day

October 3, 2010
Fall kinda snuck up on us.  One day it was hot and sunny, and the next day it was cool and rainy.
Really rainy.  Our side porch gets flooded when ever it rains too much, which means...
instant rainy day fun, puddle jumping and splashing for the boys.
Clark jump, jump, jumping.
He had the most fun playing in the puddles,
even more so when the neighbor's dog snuck under the fence to come play with him.
(Dumb dog, he just can't stay away from my boys, and out of our yard.)
Even Harry joined in the fun.  
After he was all jumped out, he tried to catch the water in his hands,
a favorite past time of his, most of the time he really loves the water
(unless it involves washing his hair).

Watching the noisy planes fly by.
(The noisy planes that fly over all day, even night sometimes. 
The noisy planes that we NEVER heard once the five times we came to look at the house.)
I love his little curious face, checking out who was making all that racket.

This is our first real Fall in years, and Clark and Harry's FIRST.
I can't wait to get out and take some pictures of the changing leaves
(if I didn't already miss them all).
Dress the boys up in their winter clothes, that I just finished buying
(for the first time ever).  They look so adorable all bundled up.
Cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a good book...
OH! I love Fall!!!
Until then, we will enjoy the last warmish days of the year.

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