October 15, 2010

Happy Meals

Ew! No! Not these uber gross Happy Meals.
(Seriously, doesn't that make you want to BARF.  I loathe Mc Donald's, I just wish everyone else in my family felt the same way.)
Anyway, back to my happy meals.
I made egg rolls!
Look! I made homemade Chinese food!
In an effort to be a more organized, and save a little money, I have started planning out our weekly meals.  This is not a task I particularly enjoy, especially since my children would rather eat crap than anything I cook, but it needs to be done.  We spend entirely too much money on food, junk food mostly, and eating out.  The first couple weeks were rough, I was so used to shopping for two weeks worth of food, that I over bought.  But, I am getting the hang of it, and if I don't take Jason along (the junk food king) I can even stay on or under budget.  
Every Thursday I make a menu for the following week; Friday night homemade pizza night, fancy Sunday dinner, a couple favorites, and a NEW recipe to try (see, my homemade egg rolls).  Then I go shopping on Friday...it has been such a blessing, to finally have my own car to do these homemakery type of things.  It has been so much easier to have all the food we need for the week, and not have to make emergency trips to the store to get bread, milk, cheese-and of course 10 other things we don't need.  Dinner time goes much more smoothly too, cause me and Jason aren't arguing what to make for dinner for 30 minutes.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.  
Now, I just need to work on my coupon clipping.


Becca said...

Yay I am so glad the menu planning is working out for you! I will definitely be asking ya what's for dinner when I stumped on figuring out mine!

THE ROGERS said...

April, that looks so good, and professional! I don't think I could ever get mine to look like that. I love Chinese food, but it has always been my weak point when it comes to making it look good...