October 05, 2010

New York, New York

Final New York stop, NEW YORK CITY!
I love New York City, I always secretly thought that I should have been born there.
I had been planning our trip back to New York since the last time we left, over 6 years ago.
But, believe it or not, by the time we got there we were TIRED.
Tired of being on the road, tired of eating out (ya, who knew that could even happen), tired of different hotels every night, and tired of spending so much money.  We were anxious to get to Virginia, and start our new life.  So, we only ended up staying a day and a half.
Radio City
We did A LOT of walking around, sight seeing, a lot.
First Cab Ride
The boys took their very first cab ride, 
and were thrilled there was a little tv on the back of the seat.
Central Park
We went to Central Park...
Waiting for the rain to stop.
and we got rained out.
(We were soaking wet the rest of the day.)
Clark and Harry
We went to F.A.O. Schwarz to play play play.
(In memory of one of my favorite movies, Big.)
The boys, especially Harry, loved the giant key board.  I couldn't tear them away from it.
If I had the room, and the money, I would buy one for little Harry, he loved it so much.
Passed Out
We wore out the kids, we wore out ourselves...
and we were ready to call our exciting road trip, over.
Onward, homeward bound to Virginia.

I will miss you N.Y.C. , hopefully I will see you again next year, until then BFFs.

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Rachael said...

I am so jealous of all your photos in front of all the state lines. I would love to have some like that. I need to take a huge road trip soon and come see you!