October 13, 2010

Look Who Is Wearing Shoes!

The weather has started to get a little cooler, so we got the boys winter clothes, and SHOES.
This is Harry's first time wearing real shoes, honestly.
(We never needed anything more than flip flops in Hawaii.)
It took me forever to find a pair that would fit his feet.
He was so perplexed by the socks, and kept trying to rub and bite them off his feet.
Jason took him to the store, and reported back that he tried to take the shoes off the entire time.
I am sure once it gets really cold, he will be more than happy to wear shoes.
Until then, he will just continue to run away every time I try to put them on him.

1 comment:

Emma and Cody said...

He looks so grown up! Not my fatty Harry that he used to be! What a cutie!