October 19, 2010

The Jumping Monkey

September 28, 2010
Jason was gone on a work trip to DC the week of Harry's birthday, so Harry's official birthday party didn't happen until the end of the week.  I still wanted him to do something fun and special on his birthday, and since Harry LOVES to jump,
I decided to take my little monkeys to the The Jumping Monkey.
(A fun little place with bouncy houses, toys, arcades, and all sorts of fun things for the kiddies.)
Harry, I love your face.
He has the sweetest little face ever.
I can't believe he is two years old!!!
He was so excited when we got to The Jumping Monkey.
If I had to guess, I would say this is what heaven would be like for Harry,
bouncy houses, toys, and tons of space to run and skip.
First he jumped a little.
Harry loves Thomas
Then he found a Thomas the Train, and loved on it for awhile.
And then he jumped a little more.
Circle Car
Clark passed his time playing with the train table, and riding around in this futuristic circle car.
(I guess he is too cool to hang out with me or his brother anymore.)
Harry even tired out a few video games.
He loves toys with wheels!
Get in my belly.Harry loves fries.
After the boys were all jumped and partied out, we went to Wendy's
(which is a real treat since we hardly ever eat out anymore, like never ever).
Harry loves him some fries and chocolate milk, 
and he couldn't get them in his mouth fast enough.
It is so hard to imagine that Harry is two years old already.  
When you have children time changes so suddenly and differently...
 Even though I feel like I've known Harry forever, and I can't imagine a time without him here in our family, I also feel like he just got here, on this earth.  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were snuggling together in the hospital bed, both recovering from a stressful delivery.  I remember his first days so clearly, and what a bundle of love-able joy he was, so calm and peaceful, and chubby.  
He has always been such a good little baby, and now a good little boy.

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