October 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our New House
Our New House
After two hellish weeks of looking for a new house, we finally found one!
Albeit, a little too blue...
The living room, and two of the three bedrooms are painted four different shades of blue.
And one of the bathrooms is orange?!
(I know, I know, we could repaint, but I don't wanna.)
It is bigger than any place we have lived before, and still in pretty decent condition.
The guy we are renting from seems really nice, and I am hoping we can stay here for a few years.
We have a fireplace, that Jason is so excited to use, and a HUGE dining room.
The boys are loving all the extra space, and their very own backyard.

I am so glad we found a place in a nice neighborhood.  I am loving our new church ward, and our neighbors are really nice to us (so far).  We are finally all unpacked and settled, expect for a good garage cleaning, and hanging the pictures on the wall.  We have so much extra wall space, I don't really know how to decorate, or where to put things (I am so fortunate to not have it be the other way around).
I wasn't happy at first, I was snobby and wanted something newer and bigger, but I have really grown to love it, and I am glad Jason found it, and convinced me to take a chance.


Emma and Cody said...

I like it too! I am so excited to come see it one day!

THE ROGERS said...

I love blue, so it sounds great to me;)I think that house looks like a cool house, and that is a awesome backyard. I also love the tree in the front yard. Post more pics of the inside when your done putting stuff together. The first thing I say when we look at a place is where will the Christmas tree go??

Granny said...

Yeah, the house looks cute. I like blue also. It will grow on you April, If not paint. Love you all.

michaela said...

I love it! I really want to see the inside too!