October 13, 2010

Poor August

August was a weird month for us.  
I was excited to finally be in our new home, Virginia, but I was also depressed.  
We spent so much time with our family and friends this summer, it was kinda lonely to be on our own again.  I was homesick.  We also were super stressed looking for a new house.  Thankfully for us, there are a ton of rentals in our area, but we were overwhelmed with the choices AND underwhelmed with what was available.  Hotel living was getting old, and the boys needed space.  We eventually found a place, we semi agreed on, and waited 14 days for our stuff.  14 days with no tv, internet, bed, cooking utensils...nothing but an air mattress and a few blankets!  In protest I put down my camera, and sulked, as a result there are a whopping 20 pictures for the entire month (which may sound like enough, but on average I take between 500-1000).
Towards the end of the month my Mom, because she is super awesome, came to help me unpack my boxes and settle into the house.  We took a break one day and drove out to Cape Charles, Virgina.
(We actually looked at a house there. 4 blocks from the beach! I am still heart broken that we didn't take it, but the drive to Jason's work would've been too far, and there was a $12 bridge and tunnel toll, that would've made it very expensive living.  Maybe next time...)
Walking on the beach.
Walking with Nana on the beach.
Actually, it is part of Chesapeake Bay, 
but there is sand, sun and little waves, so it is beachy enough for us. 
Chesapeake Bay
View off the pier.  What a perfect place to sit and watch the sunset, or rise...even go fishing.
I really would've loved to live here.
Harry running on the pier.
Harry loved running up and down the pier.
Nana and the Boys
Nana and the boys heading home.
(Sorry I didn't take more pictures of Nana's visit.)
I am so glad we found a place in a good neighborhood, and a really nice church ward.  I am glad that my Mom came to help out, even though I whined and pouted "that it wasn't Hawaii" the entire time.  I am glad the movers only broke one thing (our tv stand), and that we had enough money to buy another (nicer) one.  I am happy to be on the east coast again, even though I am a west coast girl at heart, I love living out here.  I am happy that August is over, and that we are finally settled and getting used to our new Hawaii-less life... 
it's not as bad as I thought it would be :)

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