June 30, 2009

Harry is 9 months old.

Harry is 9 months old.  In three short months, he is gonna be 1 year old....ahhhhh!  Time always seems to fly by when you watch your children grow, but I feel like I hardly got any baby time with Harry.  He is truly a delight to be around.  So different from Clark, yet at time exactly the same.  I love when I catch him making a Clark face, or trying to copy something his brother is doing.  He is not so plumpy anymore, since he has started crawling he has slimmed down a lot (although it is still hard to pull his shorts over those juicy thighs).  He is even walking more, just a couple shaky steps here and there, but walking all the same.  He is our peaceful kid, happy and content to play with his toys in his bedroom, quietly exploring his surroundings.  Although, lately he has inherited Mom's/Clark's noisy gene and he will not hesitate to throw a loud screaming tantrum, but those are always far and few between.  His new favorite thing is Backyardigans (which he shares with Clark).  He never really paid much attention to what was on the tv until this past month.  He gets so excited when it comes on, claps his hands bounces up and down...it is adorable.  I love that lately the boys will play together, it never really lasts very long, and Harry usually ends up in tears, but it is great.  It is sad to see him grow up so fast, but boy oh boy are we ready...bring it on!
What cookie, he says, I did not take any cookie.
How can you not love him to pieces.

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Emma and Cody said...

I miss his fatness! Maybe we will get rich soon, and we can come visit. Reese will never get to have juicy thighs.