June 07, 2009

See ya next time.

 A couple days ago our good friends, great friends...okay SUPER friends, left Hawaii bound for far off MAINE.  They really tried to get as far away from us and our noisy kids as possible, ha ha ha.  Such is the life in the military, friends come and go and we all move on, but this was particularly hard on me (and all of us really).  Being so far from home and our family, Carol and Eddie became our family.  They supported me through two pregnancies and watched our family grow from two to four.  The baby sat for us, hiked with us, and we spend many a Saturday afternoon baking in the sun.  They are the co-founders of the Bosko/Brooks Turkey Day at the Beach, and we have celebrated almost every holiday together since we all moved to Hawaii.  Carol and I trade recipes, books and our reading obsession, we even took a trip together last summer to Kauai, adding traveling companion to the long list of things we love to do together.  I am at a loss for how we are gonna spend the rest of our time in Hawaii without them...anyone want to come and visit?!
Eddie and Clark swimming.  Clark sure LOVED spending time with his Uncle Eddie and Auntie Carol.  I know he is going to miss them very much.
It has been so nice to have a family, away from home, and the Brooks will be sorely missed. 


Emma and Cody said...

I'll miss you too Carol and Eddie. Hawaii won't be the same! My Bosko/Brooks Turkey Day on the Beach will always be my favorite!

Harding Family said...

It's a blessing and a curse being Military- you meet the best of people then you have to say see ya later! That part sucks big time! Good luck to them and to you to adjusting!

Misty said...

I can't believe how tan Clark is - it's just not fair! :)