June 22, 2009


Happy Father's Day
Nothing means more to Jason, in the whole world, than being a good Dad.  He loves his boys so much.  He is never quick to anger when the boys are out of control, and can always find the patience to laugh at a situation...even when I want to rip out my hair.  He is so proud of every little accomplishment that the boys make, and loves to teach and introduce them to new things.
He is always about having a good time, and he loves to take the boys to the park, mall, beach, zoo, anywhere they want.  He gets so excited when a new kids movie comes out so he can take Clark, more excited than Clark most of the time.  He revels in all of Harry's firsts, just like he did/dose Clark.  He works so hard for our family, with the Coast Guard and going to school on the side...yet he never misses an opportunity to do something with the boys.  I know I give Jason a lot of crap for all of his faults, but I am thankful that we could start a family together, and I look forward to many more years of raising out children together.  The boys and I are lucky to have Jason, for he is truly a great Dad.  

I also would like to take a moment to share my love and appreciation for my Father and Grandfather.  I love my Dad so much, and I cherish the memories we've made together.  Working in the garden (although my younger brothers and sisters had to...I mean got to, do it more than I) having debates over my ever changing views of the world, summer vacations in New Mexico, going to the temple together, and quiet evenings spent talking and reminiscing, watching Food Network or Travel Channel.  My Dad has and continues to teach me and inspire me to be better than I am.  And my Grandpa, who is so generous with his time.  He spends a lot of his time these days taking pictures for different family events and making albums and dvd slide shows.  What a great talent to share!  I love having the dvds to watch...what a great way to document family events and memories.  One of my favorite things about my Grandpa is his love of reading, I love that we can share it together.  Trade books, and thoughts on a story.  You can tell a lot about a person by the books they love and read, and I have loved getting to know my Grandpa in a new light.  I miss both so much, it is hard to be so far from them.
Happy Father's Day to all!

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