June 16, 2009

It was time.

We've been putting it off for awhile, or really I have.  But it was way over due, he was starting to look like a girl, and unless we put moose and gel (both!) in his hair it was totally out of control.  So over the weekend we took Clark to get his hair cut.  He was such a good boy, did not squirm, fight, or whine at all.  The place totally catered to kids, and it helped that there was a movie playing and mirrors all over the wall (he loves to watch himself make faces). 

I think the haircut totally transformed him.  He looks older, and like a completely different boy.  I have to admit at first I did cry a little, and was mad at myself that I gave in and got it cut...but now I think he looks so adorable and at least it is still curly.


Emma and Cody said...

I think his haircut is PERFECT! It looks the same just shorter! I seriously LOVE it! And he looks like a little man. Where is my tiny Tuna??

Granny said...

He still is a cutie pie. I am so glad he was good for who ever cut his hair.

Granny said...
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