June 16, 2009


Tonight while I was doing the dishes I heard the boys laughing and squealing, hysterically.  I continued my work, thankful they were playing nicely together.  After a while, not even five minutes, I began to smell baby powder, pretty unusual smell for our house so I went to check on the boys.  And this is what I found!  Poor Harry covered head to toe in baby powder, and Clark red handed holding the evidence.  I was laughing too hard to be angry with Clark, and the boys giggled the entire time in the bath while I was washing them up.  Although now a few hours later, and at least four times trying to vacuum up the mess, I am starting to get annoyed.  
Boys...what next?


Emma and Cody said...

That is the cutest Harry! I love that he isn't even mad.

smiles said...

That is so great! The things siblings get into together to amuse each other.

And be glad it wasn't something hard to get off of them and the floor - like permanent markers (been there) or paint (thank god I haven't been there).

Kirsten said...

Speechless. And still laughing.