June 01, 2009

Back to the BEACH.

Our first trip to the beach this summer.  The water was cool and refreshing, and the sun was bright and scorching (I have a nasty burn...also a first of the summer).
Clark is such a water baby, you can't keep him out of the water.  We were at the Ko Olina for four hours, and Clark was in the water the entire time.  He actually swims pretty well with the floaties on too.
Taking a break, playing in the water was exhausting for him, he didn't really like it at first, but once he got used to the water he had fun (and he really enjoyed licking the salt off his hands and floaties).  And yes...he sleeps with his eyes open (very creepy).
Such a happy baby, so content to just sit back and relax.
Splash!  What a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Looking forward to  many more Saturday's at the beach with my boys.

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chelsi said...

can you teach him to sleep with his eyes closed?