June 29, 2009

My New Favorite Show

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?
While channel surfing this lazy Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon my newest favorite show (and just in time, cause the boring summer re-runs were starting to get to me).  How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, on BBC America.  The title basically explains everything the show is about, they are looking for a new girl to play Maria in the Sound of Music.  Now, obviously I am catching on a little late, considering I found out online who already won...but I don't really care because the show in itself is so delightful.  It is like American Idol, goes to Broadway (leaving behind Paula and Randy, cause they are really annoying, right!), and along the way they pick up at bunch of singing girls with funny costumes, and cute accents.  Perfection.  You have the typical singing contest with a mix of Pop and Showtunes, but then you also get acting lessons/contests.  Mix in the off sense of humor of our friends across the pond (which I tend to love), and the sometimes corny-ness, you get (to me) a perfect hour of tv.  I was laughing the entire hour, picking my favorites, and nodding along with Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber's insightful comments.  And unlike Idol where you have to wait until the next day for results, we only had to wait 20 mins.  Then the bottom two girls battle it out, singing, and Mr. Weber chooses who will go and who will get another chance.  Last but certainly not least, instead of the tearful goodbye montage, we get all the girls singing So Long Farewell to the kicked off wanna-be Maria...tears and all (kinda funny and cruel).  I loved it.  And I can't wait until next Sunday!


Emma and Cody said...

I wish I still had the BBC. I miss my shows!

Nat said...

I TOTALLY SAW IT YESTERDAY TOO!!! It was SO mean and funny! I Totally enjoyed it. I want to add it to my list of shows...but I can't even remember my name. I am hoping I get to run into it again!