June 11, 2009

Food Glorious Food

I know it is a normal thing, and I am not worried about it at all, but I just gotta say....
If Clark doesn't start eating a normal, healthy, different types of food I am gonna freak out!!  All the kid wants to eat is pasta, hot dogs or french fries.  Seriously, I cook Top Ramen for him at least twice a day.  And hot dogs, gah I hate everything about them, the smell, his greasy little smelling hot dog fingers when he is done eating them, gah!  We stopped buying french fries (and soon hot dogs will be added to that list) just to try and force him to try something new...but every meal time begins and ends the same, in tantrums and tears.  I knew being a Mom was not going to be easy, I knew there was gonna be a lot of tantrums and tears and what not...but I did not know that just trying to feed the kids was going to be such an issue.
He has never really been a healthy eater.  I couldn't get him to eat a piece of fruit or veggie to save his life.  Every now and then he will try some chicken nuggets, pizza, beans or rice...something different, but it never sticks.  He always goes back to the pasta.  The sight of noodles is starting to make me nauseated.
Right now he is sitting in his high chair, staring at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, poking it over and over again with his finger.  In about 5 minutes that sandwich is going to be in teeny tiny pieces all over the floor, and he will be screaming to get out of his chair.  Then he will bang on the refrigerator door until I get out the left over pasta, and let him eat it.
I used to baby sit a little girl who would only eat peas, carrots, mac and cheese and banana bread...for EVERY meal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the same thing over and over and if you tried to give her something else she just wouldn't eat it...for days at a time.  I swore I would never have a kid that was such a picky eater (there was my mistake, right).  No, my children would try anything, eat their veggies, ask for more salad please, decided that an apple was a fine snack...and never throw their food on the floor.  Ha ha ha.
People, doctors, everyone really, will tell you just to ride it out, keep offering them other food, and soon things will change.  But did you ever wonder what a strictly pasta and hot dog diet, diaper looked like...or smelled like?  Let me tell you, it is NOT pretty.  You would think a kid like Clark, who still tastes random things off the ground (and eats paper), who can climb anything, and jump off with no fear, who could make a new friend as easy as pie (he is not shy at all), wouldn't be so afraid to try a potato or the occasional piece of toast.
I am really looking forward to this phase being over!  Like really soon.


The Quaid's said...

Wow! That's a tough one... The best advice I can give is to not give in. If he doesn't eat what you offer him or put on his tray, then I would save it and let him get down and the next time he says he is hungry offer him the same thing. I'm pretty sure kids don't know how to starve themselves and he will eventually eat other things- gear yourself up for the day to start and then stand strong and be prepared for a few days of fussy, crabby, tired, hungry boy tantrums. I went through a similar thing and this is the advice my friend gave me... it worked. I hope it helps... or just brush it off and "go for a walk." :)

JethRobyn said...

I feel for you. I'm in the same boat, except Lincoln will only eat bread (plain, not toasted), crackers, and grapes. He used to eat string cheese and yogurt, but I guess he is sick of it. I made Linc a PB sandwich tonight, and he only ate the crust because there was no jam on the edges. Kids are goofy. If you find something that works to get them to eat, LET ME KNOW!!!

Dan and Sharon said...

Well you should give him a choose, put a half serving of pasta and then something else, try something different everyday. this way he will see the food, and maybe one day he will try it. You can also make squash noodles. Also you can make baked fries. Try all beef Hotdogs, or Turkey dogs, this way it is a little better, also start buying whole wheat pasta. Good luck never give in, just know one day he will hate hot dogs

Katy said...

Have you tried hashbrowns? They kinda look like fries and taste like them a little but much healthier depending on how you cook them. Then you could do stuff like put cheese on them (but only on one side) and put that side down. He's probably too smart for that, but it could be worth a try

Emma and Cody said...

I say beat him. He will start eating whatever you want him too! lol