May 04, 2009

May Day Picnic

Saturday our church ward (Kahalu'u) had a May Day Picnic in Kahana Valley.  It was a pot luck/BBQ/and prawning expedition.  It was such a beautiful day to spend out with with friends, eating, relaxing and getting some sun.
Some of the guys went early to catch prawns.  Since we have two little boys we didn't think it would be a good idea for us to go and ruin it for everyone else.  We heard that their wasn't many out to catch anyhow...although a couple people did get lucky.  They are much bigger than I expected.
Clark, of course, enjoyed the desert part of the afternoon best.  He was first in line for cake, and by the time he was done eating he had blue and yellow icing in his hair.
The kids went fishing, and a few even got lucky (little Perch fish, I think?).  All Clark wanted to do was bang his stick on the water, scaring all the fish away.
We were glad that Auntie Carol and Eddie could come along with us, we only have about three more weekends together before they move (sniff sniff).

Clark and his net, catching....well sticks and mud and mostly just getting wet.
Lovely, lovely afternoon.  Kahana Valley

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michaela said...

Crazy how the last photo looks just like the scenery in Lost?