May 08, 2009

Flashback Friday

Nope, that isn't Harry.  It's Clark around seven months old (about Harry's age now).  They do look a lot alike at this must be the chubby baby boobs, and lack of neck.  Since Clark was a little baby he always HAD to have his pacifier.  He did not care how many times it fell on the ground (and I stopped caring too), he did not care if it was covered in sand, or even if he had a mouth full of food.  He just had to have it.
Well, I am proud to announce that as of today at 10:30 am he is 24 hours PACIFIER FREE!!!  It was a long night, he woke up a lot and got up earlier than he normally does...and he does seem a little sad like he keeps looking for something...but HE DID IT.  More importantly, I did it!  I did not cave in and buy him another pack (he lost his last one, I am thinking out the window where he normally throws stuff at the dog and pig).  We did it, no more pacifier.  
Hopefully, this will help his talking too.


Jenni said...

Good job Clark! That's a HUGE accomplishment. Owen is currently 100% attached to his "paci" and I can tell it's going to take a miracle to get him off of it.

April, that picture of Clark on your last post slayed me too---that kid is one good-lookin' fella. Brayden used to have hair like that, but then one day I cut it and it didn't grow back. Saddest day of my life.

Granny and Gramps said...

GG and Gramps are so proud of you both.I need to make some cross stitch sayings for a reward. I'll just have to make that one of my next to all Gramps and GG