May 24, 2009

A Lion Among Men

A Lion Among Men  by Gregory Maguire

✭✭✭ 1/2  (out of 5 stars)

I really like Gregory Maguire.  I love how he plays with his words when he writes, and I love some of the thoughts and concepts he comes up with.  This book was another great addition to the Wicked series.  We dug a little deeper into the story, learned about a few more important characters, and gave them a new mission (he totally left it way open for another book, and I am looking forward to it).  I loved getting another glimpse into his twisty Oz. 


Jenni said...

I read Wicked and I had mixed emotions. First of all, Gregory Maguire is freakin hilarious, and his writing has an underlying dark humor to it. Although, it was a bit much for me all the politics and religion talk--got a little wordy. But I guess that's to be expected when you create an entire country! It sure did help knowing the story behind Oz when I saw Wicked.

Does this book come after "Son of a Witch"? I haven't read that one yet...

The Bosko Family said...

I know exactly what you mean, I read Wicked a couple times before I could get past all the mumbo jumbo and get the real meat of the story.

Yes, Son of the Witch is 2nd, and this book 3rd. I find that as the story continues with each book, he is a little easier to understand.