May 01, 2009

Hell on earth, or Bed time.

It's 11:00 pm, it's been a long day, and we are exhausted.  Yet, here we sit in the darkness, watching crap on TV until one of us gives in...but he doesn't cause he is just as stubborn as his Mom.  This is our nightly routine.
It's like a modern day stand off.  I refuse to sleep in Clark's bed, and yet I refuse to let him in my bed.  He refuses to go to his bed on his own.  SO we just sit, waiting, both of us pretending that we aren't tired and we are dying to go to bed, until I give in.  I always do, cause I am TIRED and a push over.   
Needless to say the novelty of his big boy bed has worn off.  During the day he is more than happy to go to bed on his own.  I don't even have to mention anything about nap time, he just goes whenever he needs or wants a break.  But as soon as it is night, all bets are off.  He has reclaimed his space in our bed, and he won't budge.  He has always slept with us, off and on, since he as born.  He was my first, I loved to snuggle, and we both slept better that way.  But I didn't think we really created a problem, cause he transitioned to his crib, and big boy bed so well.  I tired nightlights, but he just gets out of bed to play with them.  One night, he dumped every single Lego he had into Harry's crib...poor little baby.
So, what do I do now.  I watch the Supernanny, I tried her ways.  I put him to bed over and over, a hundred times...but it is just a game to him, and my back hurts, and he laughs and laughs and wakes up the baby.  I don't like to get mean, cause I don't want the last thing he remembers before he goes to to sleep is my shrill voice commanding to get his tiny butt back in bed.  So, every night I give in, and he comes to bed with me.  I don't get my own reading or relaxing time, and both of us fall asleep fighting for our space in the bed.  Even though I am tired and I want my own time back, part of me doesn't care, I know I am teaching him all the wrong ways...but he is only a little kid once.  Maybe in a year or so, my threats of punishments will actually work, or we can strike some sort of bargain.  Until then, it is a nightly stand off.


Andrea said...

that is so funny, my older boy slept with me until he was three, then one day he just said mommy i want my own bed. lol. maybe that will happen with you guys. good luck.

Dan and Sharon said...

don't be a push over. I know you can win the battle. Maybe have a reward for him when the sun comes up he gets ?????. I'm so glad you are a night owl.
Miss you and we hope someday we will live near you. Good luck on the war of bed time.


Emma and Cody said...

Maybe he is just scared. Night lights don't always work. and Sabrinas 10 year old nephew still sleeps with his parents cause they acted the same way. TEN! Do you want that to be you?