May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

My little Harry, just a few days after he was born.  I can't believe he is about to turn 8 months old.  I feel like I did not get enough time with him as a baby, maybe it is because I had two kids or cause he was bigger than Clark...he is just growing up too fast.  Last year at this time, I just had Clark and a slowly growing tummy.  Fast forward 12 months and I have two wild and crazy boys taking over my house hold (and a still growing tummy....that I am even more slowly working on shrinking).  Harry's features are changing more everyday, as is his little personality.  I miss that tiny little squishy baby face.

This is Clark at about 7 months, same age as Harry now.  They really were/are so different...and yet so much the same.  Harry seems to have kept at least some of hair, where as Clark was completely bald until he was 15 months.  They both were/are pudgy and happy and loved to get around the house...always eating strange crap off the floor (which leads me to believe that I really should vacuum more).  Clark has changed so much from this picture, slowly becoming a lanky and lean little boy instead of my pudgy little baby.  But he still has that larger than life, I am the boss, and look at me I am the cutest, personality.  
My little boys...

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Rachael said...

Its so weird seeing how much clark has changed. I think the Curly hair is what really throws me off. He looks like a totally different kid!