May 07, 2009

He breaks my heart.

He is so cute it breaks my heart.  I love when I can convince him to leave his pacifier out, and I can see his whole face and pouty little lip.  He has been so cute lately, trying harder and harder to talk.  Last night we were watching Walle together and he was trying to sing the song at the beginning, dancing and hopping around the living room, shouting garbled words.  And the other day while we were watching Toy Story he shouted to me across the room "to na naaananaa an yonyon" which translates to "to infinity and beyond", I couldn't even stop laughing.  He has been so affectionate, hugging me and cuddling with me...totally not normal behavior for Clark, but I am loving every minute of it.  Some days I get so frustrated that he can't do certain things on his own and he acts like such a baby, and then other today I am happy just the way he is cause he is only gonna be my baby once.


Harding Family said...

You make beautiful babies!!! You gonna be around next April? We are coming for vacation!

Granny said...

I sure do wish I had such curls,Clark.GG has to get hers out of a box. Love you GG