October 02, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Harrison!!

You are 1 year old!!!  Happy Birthday!
I can't believe you are already 1 year old, I don't think I will ever get used to how fast you boys are growing up.  You have been such a good baby.  Happy go lucky, playful, content, cuddly, funny, and chunky as all get out!  I love watching you figure things out, and discovering the world around you.  You love life, you are so happy every morning when you wake up, jumping up and down in your crib with the biggest smile on your face.  You love trying new things, and you are so curious.  You love watching Backyardigans!  I am not sure how normal it is for a 1 year old to have a favorite tv show, but you do.  You get so excited every time it comes on, dancing your little baby dance and waddling around the room to the music.  You are so delightful!
You were such a good baby, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, snuggling a lot.  A nice quiet break from your going a mile a minute brother.  You brought such a peace into our home, and slowed us down a little, you still do.
Your birth and delivery were very trying on me, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I still think of how scary and painful it was, the chaos all around the hospital room.  It was noisy, confusing, and scary (and did I already mention that it HURT!), but as soon as you were out, as soon as I heard your sweet little cry and saw your chubby love-able face, I felt calm and happy.  When the nurse put you in my arms I was over joyed, all the torture of that early morning was gone, all I wanted was you...happy, sweet, little you.  I have very fond memories of snuggling and feeding you in the hospital, a quiet time for just the two of us, it was so special to me...and has kept me going on our hard days.
No one, not even me and your Dad, could believe what a big baby you were...and you were even two weeks early.  8 lbs 12oz, almost 9lbs!  You never really looked like a newborn to me, and you have always grown so fast.
Can you believe how unbelievably cute and chunky you were, a squishy little love bug.
You have had your ups and downs with your brother...more bad days than good.  But I will never forget how sweet and tender Clark was towards you when he first met you in the hospital, quietly petting your head and face, giving you little kisses.  As much as he tortures you, I know he loves you.  He hugs and kisses you every night before you go to sleep, he always makes sure you have your blanket and pacifier, and when you play outside he always watches out for you.  You have loved following him around, chasing him, trying to keep up.  I just know one of these days, really soon, you guys are going to be the best of friends.
You kill me with your cuteness!  Did I already mention how fast you have grown!
Are you gonna hate me one day for this picture?  You always get teased for being named after Harry Potter, but honestly no other name fit you the way Harrison did.  Since the day you first kicked in my tunny, I knew you were my little Harry.
So grown up, and wearing real shoes (that we could barely keep buckled by the way).  You love trying to keep up with the older kids at the park and nursery, there is nothing you can't or won't try to do.
For your birthday Grandma and Grandpa Deimler came out to visit.  We went to Hanauma Bay for swimming, and to Bubba Gump's for shrimp, to the North Shore for shave ice, and then home for a cookout with the neighbors.  What a busy busy birthday!  You loved playing in the sand and swimming.  You didn't quiet understand all the attention or Happy Birthday wishes, but you had a really fun day.
Our little family on your 1st birthday!  Granny Deimler (G.G) made you that birthday banner.
You couldn't take your eyes off of Daddy when we were singing you happy birthday.
Not too sure about the cupcake....I think you were stuffed by the days goodies and tired from all our activities.
You got a lot of fun presents for your birthday, but you loved this Backyardigans dvd (from Auntie Laura) the most.  When you opened it you got the biggest smile on your face, and didn't care about your other toys (well for a little while).

I hope you had a special birthday, even though you won't remember any of it.  Your Daddy and I love you so much, more than you can ever know.  It is truly our pleasure to have you in our home and lives, to call you our son and baby.  
Happy Birthday Harrison!


THE ROGERS said...

Your baby is growing up...I am always torn about my kids doing this(like I have a choice). I want them to stay little, yet am so glad the more independent they get. Your boys are sooo cute.

Granny said...

What memories your boys will have as they read what you wrote about them. You are a goodMOMand Jason is a good DAD. Love to each one.

Rachael said...

I am way late and behind on blogs but I want to say happy birthday to my Chunky Nugget. I love you little buddy!