October 21, 2009

Echo in the Bone

 I have some family members currently reading this book (and the previous in the series) so I will not say much, so as not to spoil it for them.  From the day I received my (VERY SPECIAL), Echo in the Bone book in the mail, it has barely left my hands.  I carried it around with me everywhere, reading a paragraph here, and a sentence there.  It felt so good to be reading about Jamie and Claire again...  I KNOW it is just a book, a rather impressive series of books really, but I can't help to feel that there is something more when I read them.  I just can't get enough.  I am a fan, a BIG fat fan.
I loved this book! The cliffhanger at the end (rather, a list of cliffhangers), I did not love so much. I think it is just plain cruel for Diana to leave her readers (very loyal and loving readers) in this much suspense. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself as I wait for the next book. I hope hope hope that the next (and last?) book will end well, tie up all the loose ends and leave me much more satisfied than this book did.

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