October 27, 2009

Truck or Treat

Lil' Manning, CDC Guy, and Clark the Mummy
Last weekend was our ward (Kahalu'u) Trunk or Treat.  Since the boys real Halloween costumes hadn't come in the mail yet, we dressed them up in stuff we found around the house.  Harry wore Clark's NY Giants jersey, and went as our little Manning.  He did not like putting the black make-up under his eyes, but I think it looked so cute on him.  We wrapped Clark up in tons and tons of bandages to create a Mummy.  He looked hilarious, and of-corse the wrappings only lasted 15 minutes before they were falling off everywhere.  Jason pulled out his old stand-by of CDC Guy.  I think I have seen him dress up as this 100 times (boring).  We had a great night.  Harry stuffed his face with every piece of food and candy he could find, Clark ran around trying to get the older kids to play with him... and Jason and I tried to stay dry from the rain.  We have such a great ward :)

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Katy said...

oh I miss Kahalu'u ward. The boys look so cute! Hope all is well with you