October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Last weekend we went to the Kapolei Pumpkin Patch, for our 3rd year in a row, it is turning into a nice little family tradition, one I look forward to a lot (since it kicks off our whole holiday season).  It is amazing to see how much the boys have grown in one year.  Last year Harry was only a few weeks old, and Clark was trying to adjust to not being the center of attention anymore.  Last year Clark called the pumpkin's balls and tried to throw them around everywhere, this year he though they were apples and told us like 100 times "see appums".  
How about this one, he says...kind of.  He mostly just said "see" over and over again.  He had no interest in actually choosing a pumpkin to bring home....maybe next year.  It was SO hot and dusty...we didn't stay for very long, but we did find a very nice pumpkin to carve up.
They also had no interest in sitting and smiling for a good picture.  It was a miracle I got Clark to even look at the camera.  Harry was only interested in all the LEAVES and twigs...I swear he has such a leaf fetish, ha ha ha.
Jason and the boys.
Mommy, and her boys.  
We went by ourselves this year...so there was no one to take our family picture.  (We sure missed you Auntie Carol and Uncle Ed!)
Harry just chilling in the pumpkin patch, with a nice piece of straw.  He was in heaven.  After we left, we took the boys to Wendy's (also, a part of our yearly pumpkin patch tradition) and the boys were SO excited, more excited than going to the pumpkin patch even.  It is so easy to keep them happy, french fries and nuggets.  What a great family day!  I am looking forward to next year...maybe we will even live in a place where we have to wear a sweater to the pumpkin patch...and we can get hot chocolate.


Granny said...

Ilove the pictures of the boys,especially the one of Harry among the pumpkins. cute cute

THE ROGERS said...

You look beautiful April! I agree with Granny on the picture of harry (chilling with all the pumpkins you guys got;) I hope next year i will be somewhere warm. Where I can get my pumpkin wearing my summer clothes!