October 01, 2009

Hiking to Moana Falls

One of the fun things we did while Grandma and Grandpa were here, was hike to Moana Falls.  It is such a great hike, not to hard, but enough of a challenge to make it interesting.  It is about 1 1/2 miles round trip.  It had rained the night before, which made the already wet ground extra muddy and slippery...very very interesting.  Here Clark is racing Papa to the starting line, Clark was so excited.
Getting ready to start.  Grandma found Clark a walking stick, which lasted only a few minutes before he starting hitting everything, including us, with it.  Harry enjoyed his first ride in his new giant baby carrier (it can carry a baby up to 40lbs, so it should last use a few weeks, ha ha).
Clark ran the entire way up!  He had a little trouble when the climb got steeper, the steps were a little big for his short legs.  Every few minutes you could hear him say "oh no, oh no" when his flip flop would slip off in all the mud.  But he had so much fun.  Walking down was another story, the mud and falling down had finally got to him...I guess .08 miles (the hike up) is his limit.
The scenery is so breathtakingly beautiful.  So lush and tropical and wet, even the air felt wet.
Almost there!  You can see the falls through the trees.
We did it, albeit a little muddy and sweaty, but all in one piece.
What a great afternoon, and fun to share it with my parents.  Now that we got a baby carrier that can actually carry Harry, we plan to go hiking more often.

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