October 16, 2009

I am not a MAID.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, mainly my three boys, but I am NOT a maid.  It is not my job to clean 18 hours a day...yet to stay on top of the constant avalanche of dishes, toys, laundry, and MESS, that seems be be how much I have to work.  I have to vacuum everyday, EVERYDAY.  Two loads of laundry a day, just to stay on top of it (and right now the washer is broken so we are way behind).  The dishes never end, the mopping never ends.  And don't even get me started on the bathroom! Someday, in my dream home, I am going to have my very own bathroom.  I gave up making the beds ages ago, and I only pick up the toys once a day.
I know as a mother my job is never ending, but I didn't really think that job involved a bucket full of Clorox water, and a mop.  I live with the messiest three boys alive, the messiest.  Last weekend, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, the works.  Not even an hours later, it didn't even look like I did anything.  Jason is pretty much a lost cause, if I can get him to keep his mess in one corner then I have succeeded.  I can not wait for the days when I can make Clark and Harry help out around the house.
Hmph...I just needed to vent.  I feel better.  Now, off to vacuum, again.


Airan said...

I feel the same way! Kelly just leaves things wherever he wants to and half the time, they are spread all over my kitchen counters! Frusterating! And I'm going to have to argue with you that I think I live with the 3 messiest boys! Maybe you and I should just live together and let the 6 messiest boys live together!

THE ROGERS said...

Remember when Mary Poppins says "with every job that must be done there is a element of fun" What is she talking about! I started having my boys do chores at around age 3. And now I do a lot more reminding, and overlooking. My husband is another story...he doesn't see his part in all of it most times, so he get's a list (most guys need that I think). They are usually willing to help, but just need to be asked;)Chores NEVER go away. Having your own bathroom sounds like heaven!