March 29, 2010

The Time Machine

The Time Machine  by H.G. Wells


Finally, something I can sink my teeth into...or eyes :)
I loved this book.  I finished it in just two days.  After weeks of reading nothing really appealing, it felt nice to dive right into a story, and let it take over.
I love reading old books, especially when I like and understand makes me feel so smart.  This book wasn't too surprising, since I have heard a lot about it, and seen the movie (which was loosely, very very loosely based on the book).
I love the theme of exploration, and wonder of time travel.  I admired the concept of time travel, to someone who was writing the book over 100 years ago.  I loved the creepiness, of the future people and new world he discovered.  I also even liked the mysterious ending (which I normally hate, since I like my endings to be nice an loose strings).  Overall, great read, and I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the author's books.

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