March 29, 2010

Clark's First Week of School

We did it!  We survived Clark's first week of school.
Only a few tantrums, and tears...
(and not just from Clark, on Mommy's part as well).
Walking Clark to his class.
We were all so nervous...okay, I was so nervous.
Clark was excited, and kept saying, "play skool".
I am so glad Jason took of the day to be with me.  I am sure if I had been alone I would have been a wreck.  We had visited the school once before, so he knew where his class was, and that it had TOYS.
We didn't say a lot of goodbyes, and we decided it would be better to sneak out.
When I was leaving, I heard him say "oh-no" with a little bit of panic rising in his voice...
and instead of turning around to reassure him, I kept walking, faster...away.
It was the hardest thing I had to do.
(Well, until the next day when I had to put him on the bus, crying!!!)
Clark after school.
He was so relieved when we came to pick him up, beyond relieved.
He hugged me for 5 straight minutes, so tightly, and then wouldn't let go of my hand.
You can tell in this picture how sullen and stressed he was.
I bet it was such a hard day for him, it was the longest he has ever been away from home without me or Jason.
The teacher SAID he was fine, and didn't cry (I am not sure I believe her).
She said that he had a really hard time going down for his nap/rest time, and waking up,
and she did a lot of chasing him down all day.  
(Yep, welcome to my life.)
Clark in front of his school, Kahalu'u Elementary.
I was trying to get Clark to smile for a picture, 
but he wanted nothing more than to get in the car to go home.
We survived the first day. 

Now, the REALLY hard part, the BUS.
I was having so much anxiety over Clark riding the bus alone.
 I almost bought a double jogging stroller so I could walk him to and from school,
 4 miles round trip, twice a day.  
There are no pictures of Clark getting on the bus for the first time, because we had to force him.
Jason was literally pushing him, while the bus attendant was pulling him.
Clark was crying, I was was horrible.
I still don't know how I let the bus pull away...
I will never forget that horrible feeling, 
the pit in my stomach,
knowing how scared and alone he felt, how confused he was.
I was sick to my stomach all day.
I had to call his teacher to make sure he was ok.  (Yep, I am THAT Mom...)
And she SAID he was. 
I think she is a good liar.
Clark was crying again when he got off the bus.  He ran up the hill, and straight to our front door.
Once again, he was just so relieved to see us, and be home.
His eyes were red and puffy, and he just looked so heart broken.
His teacher called me and said he had a rough afternoon, after he woke up grumpy from his nap,
and he did cry a little getting on the bus again.
She told us not to give up, keep trying...
I think she could hear in my voice that I was ready to throw in the towel.

We stuck with it, and I am glad we did.  
Wednesday was so-so, he was nervous...but not too scared, and no crying.
Come Thursday morning he was HAPPILY waiting for the bus.
He hopped right on the bus,
 and got in his seat...without even a second glance back at me!!
I am so glad he is enjoying it now. Relived really!  I don't know how much longer I could've taken the heartache of sending him off in tears everyday.  He wakes up every morning HAPPY to get up and get ready for school.  He comes home in a good mood, and is HAPPY to be home. 
It is amazing to me how much we all grew and changed in this one week.
Clark looks and acts so much older now, but also so do we.  
I have a child going to school!  Sure, it is only preschool, but it is all day, and it is on a bus.
It was hard, it hurt, and it was scary, for all of us...
It was one of the hardest things we had to do, so far parents, but

P.S  I am just going to add. I miss Clark so much during the day, so much it hurts sometimes.  But... it is SO nice to have a little break!!!  Harry is so much easier to stay home with, than Clark ever was.


Becca said...

Yay Clark and Mommy, the first week of school is the hardest.

I teared up when you started talking about how scared he was to get on the bus. That is just so scary. I'm sure you haven't been and won't be the only mom that has called to check on their kid, and even if you felt like she was lying (she might have just downplayed it) I hope it did help you feel a little better. And I am so glad that he is now excited about the bus and school.

I drove Adam to school for a few months before he started asking about riding the bus, and I think since he asked for the bus and had friends he would ride with he wasn't scared. I was, but he was just excited to play with friends. Carus too.

There was about a year in there that I was walking to and from school, 1-1/2 miles round trip, twice a day and half of it up a VERY steep hill. It was GREAT on my butt and legs, but took a lot of time. When I went back to work full-time I couldn't do it anymore. Well I can do it in the morning, and probably should. But that means getting up earlier and I don't wanna.

Granny said...

Granny and Gramps are so proud of the three of you. Granny cried as she read about the experience and was so pleased that you each stuck with it.Three cheers each! Love to all

Granny said...

G G is proud of you Clark. You are a big boy to go to school and learn new things. Can't wait to see you and give you a big hug. Love you.

Rachael Grotegut said...

First I have to say Clark might be the cutest little boy ever. Seriously I can't even stand how cute he is!
I am so glad he is liking it now. Gav was the same way. Its hard being 3 and being away from your mom. Gavin is in year 3 of preschool and some days I still cry when he leaves because I miss him.