March 04, 2010

Talking In His Sleep

Clark likes to talk in his sleep,
just like his Daddy :)
I have heard him say the cutest things...
oh-no Wall-e,
Buzz, er are you,
Mahi, Mahi, you nee a hug...that made my heart melt, and
no, no baaaloooons (keeping with the Pixar theme I am guessing he was dreaming of UP),
mostly there is just a lot of saying no, and mumbling.
However, last night I woke up to the best yet,
like someone was tickling him to death,
it was SO delightful!!
This next coming week, we are going to make him start sleeping in his own bed
(about time, I know).
I am going to miss him saying crazy things.

This has nothing to do with this post,but I just want to say,
I LOVE how Clark likes to act out movies.
We are watching UP right now, and he is stumbling around like an old man, pretending to drag a house. And last night we watched Ice Age 3, and he pretended to be a dinosaur for the rest of the night.
It is one of my most FAVORITE things about Clark!!

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