March 21, 2010

Family Video Game Night

The boys, watching and waiting,
Last night we decided to get out our OLD Nintendo Gamecube,
 and have a family video game night.
Clark was so very excited,
Harry...well Harry was just patiently waiting for his turn to eat the controller.
We played the Simpsons Hit and Run game, and a SpongeBob game.

 was only slightly entertained before he toddled away to chew on some cords,
and look for pretzels.
Clark had the most fun!
I thought it was so funny that he held the controller upside down.
He played for hours, and giggled so much, never getting bored.
Long after Daddy fell asleep,
Clark was still up making Homer run in circles and jump up and down.
Ahem...Mommy did not even get a turn.
(I think next week we are just going to call it Daddy and Clark's video game night.)


Emma and Cody said...

I love the boys matching pjs. They are so stinking cute! And Clark looks so happy playing Homer Simpson. That was always my favorite game cube game.

Laura said...

I love there jammies I want some like it!!

michaela said...

Ditto on the jammies! Where did you get them?