March 15, 2010

Happy 34th Birthday Jay!

Happy Birthday Jay, 34 years...
you are getting old!
I met you (Jason) when you were 22, 
which means we have spent the last 12 years together, 
8 of them being married.  
It honestly doesn't seem that long.
In that time I have seen you learn and grow so much.
You have become a better husband and friend.
A wonderful father, and the best Dad...
the boys adore you.
You have excelled in your job, and schooling.
You are always looking for new ways to better yourself,
and trying so hard.
I am really so proud of all the hard work you do for our family.
You make us laugh, and bring us joy,
(sometimes in the form of are the best present giver).

I don't know what we would do without you, 
you complete us :)
I hope all your birthday wishes cames true.
 April, Clark and Harry

For Jason's birthday we had a week full of celebrations, which included;
Panda Express one too many times (one of Jason's favorite fast foods),
me not complaining over the dumb movie/tv shows he wanted to watch (that was really hard),
a day off of work,
lunch at Dave and Buster's with games to follow,
dinner at Ruby Tusedays,
(you can see that the way to Jay's heart and happiness is food, and a lot of if), 
and a new cell phone (which just happened to be buy one get one I got one too)!

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Emma and Cody said...

Happy Birthday Jay! We love you!