March 29, 2010

My Favorite Picture of the Week.

That face.
Those curls.
That attitude.
I love it all!!
He is growing up so fast.


Jenni said...

He's adorable!! They do grow up fast....sigh....

Miken Harding said...

Love the pictures. YEah for school. Even more yeah for the break. Way to go, it just gets better! So glad he likes getting on the bus now! Do you guys live on base housing? When do you move? Good luck with everything!

Ed and Carol Brooks said...

Don't kill me April, but...he is looking more like Jason every time I see a new pic. He is still adorable with all that crazy curly hair. If he has his curls when he is a teenager, he is going to have way too many girlfriends!! And Harry is looking more like you. When I look at his face I see a mini you. You guys have the same eyes, nose and mouth.