July 21, 2009

Black Eyes

Poor Harry really had a tough week last week.  Two black eyes within days of each other, both on his left eye.  The first one occurred when Harry decided to challenge Clark to the talking Moto Moto hippo toy, and Clark won by pushing him into the toy box.  It wasn't so bad, and started to fade within a couple days.  The next one he got right above his eye, during a fight in the bathtub (over what I still don't know).  It was/is much worse, and looks like he wearing a very pretty shade of bluish-green and purple eye shadow every time he closes his eye.  Poor little boy, always getting in fights with Clark, and since he is more mobile now he is constantly bonking into everything....he is like a mosaic of bumps and bruises. 

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The Quaid's said...

It seems like the second child is always a body of bruises. Nathan is always trying to keep up with Austin and always ends up hurt. Poor babies! But, isn't it amazing how much more resilient (however you spell that word) they are?!