July 30, 2009

Being A Mom

Snuggle time with the boys.  
It doesn't look like much, just my babies snuggled up in the bed (I had to take the picture so my spot is empty), but this really is a day dream come true.  Ever since I knew I was gonna be a mom I would day dream of a peaceful afternoon like this; chilly and rainy outside, snuggled up in the bed with my boys watching cartoons and laughing at SpongeBob's ridiculous antics, being lazy and having fun (this little day dream used to involve snacks as well, but I don't like slobbery crumbs in my bed).  There have been many times when I tried to force this same scenario on my family, but it just never played out like I wanted.  Until the other afternoon...
Harry wasn't feeling well, so I was laying with him in my bed.  Clark wandered in my bedroom, and as soon as he saw the cartoons on tv he jumped into bed, pulled the covers up around his chin and snuggled down for several episodes of cartoony goodness.  It was so peaceful, both boys were happy and quiet.  I did not have to tell anyone to stop yelling, hitting, or jumping.  It was heavenly and I was a happy Mommy, thankful for the cool rain, and dream like moment. 
Poor little teething Harry with his WallE blanket.

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Emma and Cody said...

Harry looks like a normal sized baby in that picture, until you see the binky! I wish Reesey would snuggle like that with me. All she does is crawl all over me and hit me in the face.